LOÉIL X EggCanvas {Digital Art Director of Barneys New York}

Casual Structured Pieces

Photos by Hoon Kim

My version of the casual Friday outfit, as we slowly adjust into the fall season. These structured pieces are still very comfortable, as the top is made of silk and the skirt, a neoprene material. I picked up this blazer in Paris back in June and since it was the last one left in store, I just got it in a size bigger than my usual. So it is a bit oversized, but it's nice to be able to wear it as a top or as a jacket. A low heel is great to dress up the look a bit and keep you on your toes!


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  • Ali

    all of the women that you’ve profiled are amznaig, incredibly accomplished and certainly worth featuring. i was just wondering whether there are any non-caucasian women you think we should know.would be nice to see that at least be a consideration.

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