LOÉIL is a women’s ready-to-wear collection with a multidisciplinary approach and strives to be open to experimentation in order to offer a curated range of beautiful elements. Founded in 2015, LOÉIL has rapidly grown with delicate minimal silhouettes and harmonious sensibility of artistic femininity details in exceptional quality. We value the craftsmanship and the independently produced resulting in a unique and one of a kind pieces from the past that can be worn today.

The Collection

All of our products are designed in Los Angeles and New Jersey. Our pieces are manufactured in the South Korea, China, Japan and U.S. We work with only the most reputable manufactures who are known industry-wide for their exceptional quality and business practices. Our sourcing process prioritizes quality and craftsmanship and we take pride in the materials and partners we work with. The matching color and texture are amalgamated by team of experts to manifest the personality of each garments.

The Make

LOÉIL pieces are created using the finest fabrics and their manufacturing requires distinct traditional craftsmanship. Our piece has undergone strict quality control. All garments assembly is done by fairly paid workers. Most items are produced in small batches in the heart of the Seoul’s Garment District, while others are produced in-house at our new New Jersey headquarters on a made-to-order basis to eliminate excess.