August 25 2014
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Yoojung Shim
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Salma - March 23 2015

I’ve really had enguoh of cowards hiding behind anonymous cloaks and criticising for the sake of it. Pray—is it therapeutic and does it make you feel better? Why don’t you folks create something for a change, instead of looking to criticise all the timeTry creating something like this blog and you will then know how much of blood, sweat and tears it really involves. And I’ve refused several offers to commercialise the content by making it paid, only because we believe it benefits the public. And by providing open access to such content, our hope is that IP policy in this country can grow in a healthy and more transparent manner.I will continue to put up job positions, as the blog has a number of folks who are tremendously benefited by such postings, It may benefit the employers as well.. but so what This blog is not anti industry and does not sympathise with those that are. It does not believe in taking sides. Where industry is on the wrong side of IP law, it will call it to task. And where it does some good, it will highlight it.The blog will continue with its mission to strive towards objective analysis of IP issues. If you see any post where that objectivity is compromised, you have every right to point it out to us. But for heavens sake, don’t take our your life’s frustrations and your anti industry vendetta here and point fingers at posts, just because Nokia benefits or TATA benefits. It ends up being a terrible waste of time for me and the other bloggers here. And leaves us with that much less time to construct a useful discussion on the blog.

Anghelo - March 22 2015

ise xaroumeni pou vleips auta ola ta comments ? oxi! tote ?? sou aresi na se vlepoun me anikto to stoma oxi … giati egines etsi?? os tora 8a ixes 1000000 agoria na se 8eloun!!!! i plastikes xalane tis zoes!! akoma kai an kanete kati pano sas pali 8a sas xalasei!! minete etsi opos isaste min kanete plastiki!! zitiste na kleisoun tis plastikes!! tous plastikologous! lol ! ;p !! alla giati etsi?? ise ena eksipno koritsi giati na ginis etsi? xerese pou ise etsi? ok den exo provlima aplos leo tin gnomi m!! miso tin plastiki giauto to leo auto!! tin miso tin plastiki ali8ia lew!! esi tin misas? etsi opos ise… sigoura 8a tin misis tora! aplos evgales photos gia na se doun poso ____ ise!! den 8elo na se pligoso!! i am sorry girl! but u are so ali8ia sou leo oloi autoi ali8ia sou lene!! sou aresei opos ise!!? simfono me olous den itan kali i idea sou !! makari na isoun cartoon!! :p ;) ali8ia leo sou pai!! x0ax0a0x0ax0a00xa0x0a0xa0a ;p ;) !! pos ise etsi??

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